Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 144 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 144 with Urdu Subtitles

Are our alps in the arena transformed? Therefore, we will not even let our shadow be noticed. It is all. Everything is as you command. They wait for us. Today is the day to disrupt the enemy’s game. Hey. Storm. Sir. You stay here. The command is my lord’s. Where is the road? It is for the Red Apple. Where is the range? It is for martyrdom. Who is the reunion with? It is for the homeland. Where is homeland? The sentence is the world. May the world be your home. May the world be kind to you. Congratulations on your case. Welcome, Mr. Osman. We tolerated it. Especially. The Emperor will be very frightened. Look. He has built a wall of flesh all around him. For now, we’ll be on the lookout and watch. Let the princess come and see.

Come on. Come on come on. Princess! Look at that. The public’s eyes are on the roads… There is no news from the princess. There shouldn’t be anything else involved in this job. The soldiers stand together. If there was an incident, they would take action. Even they just come. The princess will come soon. But we will still take precautions. Selamun aleykum. And peace be upon you. The enemy was a furnace around us. We were in the middle of it. So we sat down. Let the enemy be the hearth. Let us be the ones in the middle. Unless the sky above collapses… …unless the rainy ground below is pierced… …Who can destroy the Turk’s province… …Turk’s customs? Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Sit down, Mr. Osman. Are the Alps on duty?

As you commanded… …I took my alps to Constantinople… …following Princess Maria . When will they act? Making a move in Constantinople… …is quite difficult. If… …we wish him to stay in Konya… …then it will be too late. So… …I’d like to pick up the Princess on the way. You think very well, Mr. Osman. That princess will never fall into the hands of the Mongols. Thank you, thank you. What if… …we don’t get the princess? If it falls into enemy hands… what will happen then? Then may God help us. But we didn’t have to breathe anymore… …they stuck to our throats. Byzantium and Mongols form an alliance with this marriage. Their sole purpose will be to destroy us. So… …we will not fail. So… …who would they marry the Princess to … …

so that they could make such an alliance ? This is the real issue, Mr. Osman. Görklü Han, Emir Shepherd’s nephew whom he loved like a child. Göklü Han, huh? Göklü Han. Thanks. Don’t worry. We will succeed with God’s permission. Then… …I would like to ask for your permission to go about my duty. You sit down. We did not call you here to give intelligence, Mr. Osman. There is a messenger for this. The real issue… …is more important than that. People of Rome, your wait is over. Our great Princess Maria will greet you! Especially. Then the princess came. My dear people! You came from all over Byzantium to see me off . I greet you. May Jesus Christ be with you. Come on, don’t stop. Let the feast continue.

If this wedding were to take place… …Byzantium would be in great trouble for us. We must do whatever we can to prevent it. Let’s infiltrate them, sir. It will be like that. Well done, my hero. First, let the princess’ caravan be prepared. Afterwards, you have a big task. It is your command, sir. Can you tell me a little about Tabriz, Mongol? Are the people there tough like you? The why every Mongolian is both tough and warrior. I guessed it. That’s why these protesters will come with me for my wedding. If I can’t stay in Constantinople… …I’ll take its glory behind me. You will be the bride of Emir Shepherd, princess. It is the dream of all kinds of women in this world. You will see a much more blessed show than these.

I know. But the real show will be when we kick those Turks out of our lands … forever. We have been watching you for all these years, Mr. Osman. You didn’t make a mistake. You did not tarnish his bravery. You didn’t cheat. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. But still we waited. Is this brave man they call Osman Bey… …in the case of self… …or in the case of the order of the world? We wanted to see it for the last time. We saw, we believed, and we came to a decision. May Osman Bey establish his independent and free principality . Oh my God. Oh my God. Praise be to God Almighty … …who holds us responsible for the campaign… …not for the victory .

Amine. The great people of my country… …have deemed us worthy of this great duty. May you exist. I swear to God… …my nation and my state… …will always remain free. What about… What about the other principalities? Candar… Karesi… Hamit… They were walking after Germiyan. What will they say? Do you know how Mr. Yakup took these gentlemen behind him, Mr. Osman? By placing a dagger in each of their private parts. By threatening their lives and making them submit. Mr. Jacob. Mr. Jacob. The crooked sword… …let it rust in its sheath. You… …my friend, may you walk on the right path, Mr. Osman. Thanks. It will happen as you command. The other way is clear. It is clear who will walk the path. The state that will unite the Turks is clear. The root becomes Turk. It would be Ali Selçuk. Turks will always have a state.

Now… …it’s time to become Ali Osman. Oh my God. Congratulations on your state, Mr. Osman. “Amine.” Amine. Amine. Amine. I swear to God Almighty… …it will always stand. …I will establish a great state that will make the whole world its home… …and will be shaded under the banner of Islam . Then… … let’s hear one of the Turks’ state secrets, Mr. Osman. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Our Lord… …says in the Surah al-Qasas… This is the abode of the afterlife. We give it to those who do not want to boast and cause corruption on earth. Those who benefit in the end are those who avoid evil. Sadakallahulazim. May Gazan be blessed, Osman Bey. “May your Gazan be blessed, Osman Bey.” Thank you.

Thanks. May you exist. May you exist. Well done… …may our war be blessed. Nökers! Cuties! Get the tent ready. And the victims. When Görklü Han comes, everything will be perfect. If anyone makes a mistake… …I’ll take your life, huh. The road is mine too. Mergen. What do you see? Blood! Blood! Blood! Oh blood! That blood will be Osman’s blood. When the magnificent khan makes the princess his wife… …the Roman army will come under our command. Turkish blood will flow in droves. Groove, gouge. Mergen… …Talk. The great Mongolian state will be founded on Turkish blood. This is what you see, Mergen. This! Thank you, O Lord. O Lord… …thank you. Praise be to God. Storm. Sir. We are not free.

We will declare our independence. Sir, what do you think? Konya… …Mongol… …and Yakup… …things will be more difficult. We will either perish for our independence… …or… … we will establish a great state… …that will exist forever. Come on, inform your in-laws. I would like to host them all in my divan… …at my wedding. To the plain Kayı gentlemen, sir? Other than that… … we will walk only with those who are with us, not with those we believe are with us. Kayı’s gentlemen. Lets. You should go to Yenişehir. Get a messenger, Boran. Mr. Osman. Thank God. Thank God. Come on, send out a messenger. Sir, where will you go? I will go to my ancestor Ertuğrul Gazi… …to give my mushtum.

At your command, sir . It’s your order. The princess’s caravan will be prepared. Where are the other porters? Come on, be quick. The merchant came. Come on, hurry up. Lets. Mr. Konur, if I didn’t know your background, I would think you were someone other than Essah. Really? Your situation is not much different from mine, Mr. Bayındır. Lets. This will be over as soon as possible. Come on, fools, hurry up! Where have you been, fools? If the caravan is not ready, I will make you pay for it. Come on, be quick. Merchant Sercio. The caravan had to be ready. Commander Lucas is ready. But it will be ready. The sun will end before disappearing over Constantinople. Do you understand? I understand I understand, Commander Lucas.

Come on, fools, come on quickly . Hurry up. Merchant Sergio. Why are we in such a hurry for the caravan? It must be an exquisite preparation for the princess. My goods are elite anyway, idiot. The princess must set out as soon as possible so that Byzantium can be saved from the Turks. Of course, God help us. Relax too, we will prepare the caravan. You finish the job first. Then you will be taken to the inn behind the arena. You can set off from there. Of course, if they can determine the path. What benefit would come from the path contemplated on the last evening ? Saadet lady… …Aleddin keeps saying let’s come to Holafira. My bride says.

We can’t be sure until we hear about Holafira, brother. Holafira… …never says yes to Mehmet. If he doesn’t become a Muslim… …it will be difficult to convince my mother Malhun. Will be. He will accept to become a Muslim. Let ‘s say he didn’t. I’ll miss it then. Just wait a minute, brother. First we need to talk to Holafira. If you wish… …I can examine the mouth of a Gonca lady. You will check Gonca chick’s mouth. Just look at this. He looks for an excuse to talk to the girl. When the lady sees you… …she looks for a place to escape. How will you talk? That’s my secret too, brother. If Holafira messes up… …it will be very difficult to contain Orhan.

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